Homeschooling never looked so good

Number 2 way to cheat the Dave Ramsey system? Find amazing pieces like this for my home and take it out of the "homeschooling category".

It's in the budget after all.

beautiful images above: Reading My Tea Leaves

image: Raven Maps

Aren't they just beautiful? Pieces of art, really.

I think we'll be learning a lot about Alaska this year:

Based solely on the shape.

These gorgeous maps are made by Raven Maps. Their philosophy: "Maps must be accurate, but they should also be beautiful."

Yes, please.


  1. yes, indeed. such great maps. so glad you found my shots.

    all best,


  2. I was homeschooled and have an obsession for maps! wish I had had those growing up! they're beautiful!

    also, dave ramsey, if you've never done him before, will change your life. we did it two years ago and still do the envelopes.:)

  3. we love maps and we have also found some beautiful ones...all in the name of homeschooling! :)

    We love using books and maps and globes in decorating our rooms!

    Learning can always take place!

  4. I've always loved maps. These are beautiful!

  5. Maybe you should learn about Canada too, since it is on your way to Alaska.

  6. I framed a huge vintage-look world map several years ago and it's been such a great way to practice geography with the kids. I homeschooled my 6 kiddos for 12 years :) The two youngest will hopefully be back home again next year with me.

  7. These maps are indeed beautiful works of art Rie! What lucky children you have not only to be homeschooled (something we are considering), but also to have such beautiful resources to learn from. Gorgeous maps whether for schooling or as art! Thanks for sharing them with us Rie. Have a lovely day ~ Tina x

  8. I am a huge fan of maps and love the colours in these ones. We went to Massachussets on honeymoon almost 16 years ago and I would love one of these - perhaps an anniversary present?!
    Thanks for sharing them with us all x

  9. The maps are beautiful, they would make a lovely addition to any classroom or home.
    Nellie xx


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