Slips for Covers

Whoever invented these marvels, I could kiss 'em. Quite the practical choice for a houseful of kiddies and critters. And they look nice too. Some of our furniture came slipcovered:
A really good source for new slipcovered furniture is They are good quality and relatively inexpensive. It just won't have that tag that starts with a P and B...but it's basically the same thing. You can pick your fabric from their choices. I like their white linen fabrics:

The below chair came from craigslist, and I hired a local seamstress to make the cover. I chose a wispy lightweight linen which turned into a really bad idea. After only two years, the arms are becoming "distressed". Not the look I was going for in this particular case.
Remember my post about the "perfect chair"? I had many inquiries about the slipcover. It came with this darling slip in white linen (thicker than the above linen!). I love how it is cut to hug the wooden lines of the chair. I'm sure the ties were meant to be bows, but I personally prefer the ballet shoe look.
Slipcovers are not just for upholstered pieces. Here I've made some to dress up some stools (and hide an imperfection). You can read about how I made them here.
Even our piano bench couldn't escape a cover. Adds a little whimsy and softness.
I couldn't imagine living without slipcovers. If they ever go out of style I've resigned myself to being unfashionable. :)


  1. they will never go out of style, they are the "little black dress" of furniture fashions

  2. Rie - I second your approval of Club Furniture. We ordered two of their parker leather sofas and we love them. That company was a joy to work with. I just wish I had another room that I needed more furniture for :)

  3. Pretty pictures again! I couldn't imagine that many kids with no slipcovers! I have a gaudy floral chair and ottoman the same style as yours but right now I have to hide it in my bedroom until I can find (afford) a slipcover. Can we see that basket under your little table? And - I LOVE that cabinet in the corner.

  4. thanks for the tip! i'll check out club furniture soon... i love slip covers, and i seriously need to learn to make them myself. i especially love your piano bench cover! we're getting my old piano from my parents home soon, and it needs a touch of fabric to soften it a bit. great idea!
    have a great day-

  5. rie...great post! and genius idea for the piano bench! :)

    i painted our piano last year

    but the weather got cool before i could get to the bench. we used an old chair for awhile but that doesn't work to well for duets :)

    thanks for the idea!...i'll let you know if i get to creating one:)

  6. I absolutely love slipcovers and am trying to muster up the corage to make some for our furniture, I use one piece off the shelf covers right now and put a seperate piece of material on the cusions to keep the slipcover in place and make them look more finished. When it comes to a big project like this I just procrastinate way too long! Thanks for the tip on, I'm going to go check them out... Theresa

  7. Thanks for the Club Chair link. I like the look of their furniture. Still sweatin' your rachel ashwell chairs. I haven't been able to find them anywhere for a decent price. Whenever you decide to sell them let me know *wink*!

  8. I love slipcovers, they say so many things, warm, cozy, cool, breezy. And I love the ballet slipper look too!


  9. I've been obsessing about slipcovers lately, so your post was very timely for me. I have several old chairs and a sectional I need to cover. Your slipcovers look great - and I love the ballet slipper look!

  10. I love slips too and have been making my own for almost everything in the house. I've even been tempted to sew slips for our Ozarka water tank. :-)
    The only problem this time of year (rain+dog=muddy paw prints) is having to wash them almost weekly.
    Great post Rie- I love your home!

  11. I love slipcovers too and luckily my hubby makes them! Your rooms are gorgeous!

  12. The word whimsy PERFECTLY defines a slipcover. I am keeping my fingers crossed that in our next home I can do this. I love the softness of the textures and the giggle of a ruffle. Once again....can I move in?


  13. Well, if they are ever not the thing to have, I'll be out of style with ya. They are perfect for people with pets and kids. Love teh one you put on the piano bench. Your home is beautiful. Very cozy.

  14. I love this post!! I just recently bought some white slipcovers for my furniture and I couldn't be happier!!! I was so inspired by you and by Maria over at Dreamy Whites! :)
    I put some pictures on my blog here:

    I'd love to hear your opinion on my room and what I should do for a coffee table (if anything).

    I look forward to all of your inspiring posts! You have a beautiful home.


  15. I couldn't agree more! I don't know how I lived the first 8 years of married life without slip covers!!

    Love your style - and LOVE your slip covers!

    (especially that bench!)

  16. Thanks Rie for the tip on slipcovered furniture. They have so much to choose from I am kind of on overload! I have a small room with French doors to the back patio, a fireplace, and an armoire with a tv in it to work around. Their sectionals actually look to be the perfect size!
    Thanks again!
    PS And if slips ever go out of style, I will be unfashionable with you! :)

  17. I have been making slip covers for my lounge since the day I had kids! Could not live without them! Love the ballet look tie on the back of the chairs.. take care, Maryann

  18. love your warm and welcoming...which is what every homemaker out there wants people to say.

    gonna check out Club furniture...

  19. I love your slipcovers. Unfortunately my sofas are odd shapes so we would need to get custom slipcovers made, and thus have never done it. I especially like your slipcovers on the kitchen stools - great idea to cover a broken spindle.

  20. Hi Rie, what a wonderful post! I love all of your slip covers and you have inspired me to make one for our piano stool and also one for our coffee table! Our coffee table serves as a craft/playdough table for our little Charlotte! It would be nice to cover chipped and messy top when we have guests, so I think a linen slip cover for a coffee table sounds like a fabulous idea:) Thanks for sharing more of your beuatiful home Rie, it really is just gorgeous. Have a lovely day. ~ Tina x

  21. I love this post. I love that pine cabinet you have perfectly placed in the corner of your living room. So pretty. I love all of your little slips. I need some chairs slipped desperately. Your house is so special, you have a magic touch!
    Take Care,

  22. I just discovered your blog. How wonderful to 'meet' you, Rie! I, too, am a great lover of Pleasant View Schoolhouse, a Christian, homeschooler, seamstress, and home remodeler. I have a quick question for you about your club furniture slipcovers.

    I have been researching sofas for several months, and my husband and I have decided to go with linen slips on a cf sofa. Do you wash yours? The site says dry clean only, but linen/cotton is technically washable, so I'm wondering how they hold up to it? Thanks for your input and your inspiring blog.


    P.S. If you've never seen Carl Larsson's paintings, you should look them up! Wonderful Scandanavian home/life inspiration.


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