Black in the Boy's Room

There's no white frilly anything in this room.
(click on the pictures to see a larger version)

I even surprised myself with all the black. And red.

Just about everything in this room came from Ikea or Target.

The beds.
The quilts.
The pillows.
The desk.
The lamps.
The nightables.
The dresser.
The basket.
The plant.
The desk containers.
The clock.
But not the cat.

And with the exception of a few antique store finds sprinkled in.

Like this vintage desk chair. Only $35. It makes the room, in my opinion.

Not only is it handsome, but useful too. My son, Gavin, does his schoolwork here every day.

I made a slipcover for the seat using an old J. Jill linen skirt I hardly ever wore.

Some fake greenery sits on the desk. For boys who would likely forget to water.

On the walls, we spaced two strips of small trim far apart, then painted in between the same color. Giant chair molding!

The other side of the room:

Another antique chair. It's not comfortable, but it sure looks pretty.

The vintage airplane paintings I found for a few dollars .

"Silly", the cat, poses in her favorite spot on Caleb's bed.

Little does she know she coordinates perfectly.

By the way, this is the space that used to be vaulted air in the living room (see previous post). The bedroom is a much better use of square footage, yes? At least boys definitely think so.


  1. Wonderful chair at the desk - it adds so much character. Adorable cat and I like the colors in the striped bedding and the walls. I think it is so much more challenging to decorate for boys. We are actually in the process of updating both of our boys rooms. New paint, carpet, etc. It's fun but challenging!

  2. Wow so nice (and clean)~ my son's room has an electric train track all over the floor! LOL I love the simplicity of your boy's room!


  3. Love this room! Black is a great accent color! I love the moldings with white stripe, and the vintage chair with the modern desk is just right! It has plenty of room to play!

  4. Perfect boy's room. I'm always interested to hear how other bloggers who love white and pretty things decorate for their boys. I think you have done a wonderful job of tying it in to the rest of your house but still making it masculine. Your whole house flows so nicely.

  5. Rie, Every time you show a room I am WOW'ing over it. This one is so simple, but with personality.

  6. What a cute boys room! I am in LOVE with the desk chair :) It is the first thing that grabbed my attention! I just love the entire room! My sister has two boys and she has such a hard time decorating their rooms. I will have to show her this post!
    Health and happiness,

  7. It is a wonderful boys room. How do you feel when you come into this room as compared to the rest of the house?

  8. What a great room but oh, my that chair and that chair skirt. It is amazing. Also loving that giant trim work. Might have to try that myself!

  9.!! i have to show this to the husband...boys can have clean uncluttered rooms ;0)

  10. This is perfect: clean lines, easy going style, and just the right amount of vintage character to keep things interesting. We love the addition of the cat because nothing says relaxed style like a snoozing kitty!

    And now we're going to check out the rest of this blog of yours!

  11. HI Rie just love your boys room and such a useful space that was converted. Love the black beds and my favourite is the office chair. Have a wonderful day. Sandy x

  12. i love this room, you did such a wonderful job. I like how you show that just a couple interesting antiques can transform a room! love your ideas!

  13. Hi Rie, I can't believe you made a whole new room from the vaulted ceiling below. Excellent idea and much better used space! I love your boys' room, simple yet charming and I also love the vintage chair and giant white trim around the room! Looks great! take care, Maryann

  14. Hi Rie. Another simple but gorgeous room! As a Mum of 3 girls, I am always interested on what one would do with a boy's room and this one looks perfect! Love your antique chair and of course your fabulous chair skirt! Wishing you a wonderful day as always ~ Tina x

  15. Hi Rie,

    Love the boys bedroom. Love everything about it in fact! Especially love the bedding, all the furniture, but my favourite is the office chair!!! If I ever seen something like that in a shop here I would grab it as fast as I could, I'd be a blur, I'd have it in the back of the car so fast (hahahaha). Also love the picture of yesterdays post of looking over the kitchen into your lounge room. That taupe check is a classic and will certainly never date. I remember seeing it in a magazine almost 20 years ago and loving it on sight....although in saying that I don't have any in my own home (go figure!!!). I will have to rectify that!!!! The ceiling is just gorgeous and really makes a statement. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, moreoften than not, if you stick to your guns, especially when there are people/tradesmen that can't see what you are talking about. The instances that we have done that, I have never regretted. Everything from things in the kitchen when we installed a new one, to floorboards at the backdoor and dining room. I lost track of the times that tradesmen would gasp in horror and tell me it will be so cold...never regretted it, if there's a spill you can so easily wipe it up and I still wonder how I would cope today if we had put new carpet in the dining room. Anyway, busy day so had better make a start and do something. Enjoy your weekend. Enjoying your blog, so keep up the good work.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  16. Love your boys room! I would love to unbunk my beds like yours are but we don't have the space. Does it always stay so neat of do they keep toys and "collections" elsewhere? I am re-doing my booys room soon as it needs to be repainted. Thanks for letting us peek into their space and I love your blog!

  17. What a great room Rie, nice and spacious too. I was wondering who gets to climb up and change the battery on the clock???;o)

  18. love the the chair, the fake plant (that doesn't look fake at ALL) the trunk at the end of the one bed...

    love it!

  19. That is absolutely gorgeous!! As a mother of four boys, I love this inspiration!

  20. The room is precious! Love the colors and love the chairs! Can you tell me where you purchased the quilts and how long ago? Love them...they are exactly what I'm looking for for my 2 boys room. Thanks!

  21. What a gorgeous gorgeous room ... I sure do miss IKEA and totally fell in love with Target when I visited the USA. I am loving your style and your blog is just fabulous.

  22. I have the same bed spread from target. I love it!

  23. I almost got that quilt from Target! Now I wish I had. The room is just perfect!

  24. What color are the walls? I can't really tell on the computer. I love the black beds. I am thinking of painting my boys beds to update them. I was wondering about painting there walls a gray with the black beds. and white trim.

  25. love the boy's room! it looks great!

  26. I'm lovin the antique chair you found. It does make the room. Their room is the perfect boys room with a few fun mom touches :)


  27. I love your boys room!! Our cat loves to lay on my Caleb's bed:)

  28. Your Boys Room looks fantastic. I adore that antique desk chair and I cannot believe how tidy the room is. I have two boys of my own and their rooms were always a huge mess. My 23 year old finally moved out last week and his room has never been so clean and tidy now that he's gone.

  29. rie....what a great boys room! i think utilizing the wasted vaulted space was very smart. we did that when designing our new house.....opted out of the open foyer for a small nursery above instead.

    i smiled when you admitted that the one chair is not comfortable :) thanks for keeping it real. :)

    the room is adorable...totally boy...thanks for sharing!

  30. That's a fantastic boys room. The chair does make the room, although the lovely black striped bedclothes are pretty amazing as well.

    My kids have bamboo shoots in their bedrooms and I have to say they are VERY hardy plants. They just sit in a vase of water that needs to be added to now and then, so if your boys want a real plant, I would recommend bamboo.

  31. Their room is fabulous Rie and that desk chair does make it!!

  32. I looove the vintage desk chair!!!


  33. The treatment you did on your boys' wall is the inspiration I needed for our new home! Thank you so much for sharing. I've removed the existing wallpaper, now to prep for painting. :)

  34. I'm beggggggggin you to share where you got their quilts!!! I'm looking everywhere for something simple like that for my son and I just don't like anything I've found! PLEASE share!!! :)
    weddplan at hotmail dot come


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