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Welcome to New Jersey.

Yes. New Jersey. You never knew New Jersey looked like this.

Did you?

This house is in Bernardsville, one town over from where I grew up. My perception of New Jersey was a combination of rolling hills, trees, beautiful estates, horse farms with wooden farm fencing with elegant barns. So when I grew up and moved on to other states, I was befuddled at the disgusted looks I got after I told people where I was from.

Sure, there are parts of New Jersey that are pretty horrible, but isn't that true of anywhere? A LOT of the state is absolutely gorgeous. Trust me, it's true! The only reason we aren't still there is because of the incredibly high property taxes... and okay... my husband is a southern boy through and through, and he just couldn't get past the "direct way" of communicating there. New Jerseyans and New Yorkers aren't much for small talk, have your heard?

So... let's get right to the point of this post shall we?

This house is quite enchanted. It is set in the beautiful Bernardsville Mountains. It is likely the weekend home of some wealthy Manhattan high powered executive. There are a lot of those types in Bernardsville. Hansel and Gretel live here the rest of the week, I'm sure of it.

Coziness abounds. This house does coziness like no other.

I love the triple set of french doors. I'm imagining what they lead out to.

How about something like this:

Looks like a far-away place in another world.


It's New Jersey.

I told you.

Can't you just hear the bull frogs serenading you at night?

If you are in the market for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the big city, here is the listing.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. that view is to die for...the house is just amaZing.

    loved your features on Friday!

  2. I actually can feel my heart aching with longing for a setting like this. Loved this visit to NJ this morning : )!!

  3. Such a neat house and in a beautiful fairytale setting. I can't believe it's Jersey!

  4. I believe it. I had an aunt and uncle who lived in a small township in NJ called Pennwell. I loved to visit their home in what I thought at the age of 6, were mountains. Pretty state, thanks for the beautiful pictures and resurrecting some nice memories. Love your blog.

  5. What a verry verry beatiful sit
    My englisch isn't so good but i love all that nice picturers
    have a verry nice evening

  6. Gorgeous! And oh! That backyard...

  7. this has to my absolute favorite! the colors, wood, the stark beauty of it all...oh and the trees...sigh...dream...

    have a wonderful weekend!

    faded prairie

  8. This house is gorgeous. It makes me feel "calm" just looking at it!
    Have a great weekend : )

  9. Oh it is beautiful Rie! I don't know much about New Jersey at all, so going off this post, it looks like a beautiful place to live! Thanks for sharing this beautiful home ~ Tina x

  10. I'd love to be greeted with that view each morning ...
    I wonder if my husband would mind commuting to Connecticut each day?


  11. What a stunning place. I would be so happy there!


  12. i agree... i do think hansel and gretle live here during the week. heaven send me to this home... please!!

  13. What a perfect setting! I agree with the Hansel and Gretel comments! Thank you for showing us this, hope you are having a great weekend.

  14. Oh my gosh, love it. I'll take it. :) A girl can dream.

  15. Thanks for letting others know about NJ! My husband is from there, I too was one of those who had a very inaccurate impression of the state before we met! He lived on a picturesque street...close to the somewhat now famous guy named Tom Cruise! His older sister was the same age as my husband.

    We have spent many summer vacations in Cape May...such a wonderful family oriented beach town.

  16. We grew up in Sussex County NJ and know just how beautiful the state is! Thank you for helping to dispel the myths and for sharing this listing. It is such a fairytale house, it's hard to believe it exists anywhere outside of some Bavarian Wonderland.

  17. Gorgeous! I enjoy your blog really very much!
    Warm hugs from Belgium,

  18. wow! I'll have to add this to my picture collection of homes I love!


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