New Desk Space

My desk is one of the things I moved around in the last week. You'll recognize the sill-sitting birds from this post. The art/craft table used to be in this same spot.

But our girl's room had a huge blank area needing to be filled with something (which I didn't show in the pictures). We decided to move the art table to their room, and utilize the school room more efficiently. The kids take turns doing a few different things on the computer (mine) during school time, so my desk works in here rather practically.

I love the bird calendar I found at Barnes and Nobles. It has the most amazing paintings. I think I need to move it up higher though, as the computer screen is competing for attention (it's interesting how perspective can change when I see a room in photos as opposed to real life).

My desk was a hand-me-down from my parents. It's an antique drafting table and I grew up BEGGING them to pass it down to me. They finally did, and I'm so grateful... it's one of my favorite things.

There are just some plain old ugly things about today's technology... ugly computer, ugly printer, ugly cords (why oh why do they make them black???). And then to top it all off, paperwork, cd's and other miscellaneous office junk just adds to the ugly. In an effort to mask it, I made some white fabric liners for our printer cart. Still ugly. But not as much. One day I'll replace our cart with a nifty piece of furniture and actually hide the printer. I love how Brooke from Velvet and Linen hid her uglies in baskets.

The industrial stool I picked up years ago at a junk shop. Lucky me that day!

So, this is where I will sit and continue to blog. ;) Thanks for all the kind comments and encouragement to keep it going. I think I will.

(oh, and that Friday Feature idea I had? Two weeks of no Feature=bad idea)


  1. Oh I love your desk, what a gorgeous old drafting desk and how special that it came from your parents! The whole area looks lovely and like a very peaceful place to sit and work. I think your basket liners are gorgeous but I am so on your side regarding those ugly black cords - one of my life's little annoyances! Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend Rie ~ Tina xx

  2. rie...i like your cart! better than a piece of furniture even!

    my days are coming when the kids need to be using the computer for school (next year math) and i'll be sharing too :)

  3. Your home has the most appealing and tranquil nooks. I love it!


  4. What an awesome industrial stool! It goes so well with your lovely drafting table. I love the way the light comes in that room too! Great post : )
    Health and happiness,

  5. Just found your blog. I popped over from Canadian Cottage. Love your vintage desk chair. Glad you have chose to continue to blog. I like your style of decorating.

  6. Great job! Love the baskets! You have inspired me to work on my office! ~lulu

  7. I love that little space. Love the basket idea too.
    Sometimes I cut a strip of linen or muslin to wrap a cord (if there is just one) it hides it a little, and looks so much better!
    So glad you are going to comtinue to blog!

  8. I read your blog awhile ago and could not remember who you were and lost it. Today was a lucky day and I found you again. I love your farm house.

    I am new to bloggy world and am blown away at all the talented people out there. Silly me, I thought I was all alone in my crazy thrifting/decorating world.

    Warmly melissa

  9. Love the simple elegance. I will be following your blog for ideas In my new home !

  10. Discovered your blog this evening. Lovely, lovely, lovely. And led me to 'repurosed' Have been in tears for last hour, now back to your blog and a brighter tomorrow. Owe you this tip~ you can paint those UGLY black cords!!!


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