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So have you ever visited  I've been spending some time there recently.  After decorating magazines and blogs, it's the next best thing.  You can create your own "idea books", which are basically a collection of home design images that appeal to you.  And you might surprise yourself!  Here is one image I chose for my idea book.  There's just something I like about this:

Vintage Renewal Loft eclectic kitchen
eclectic kitchen design by other metros showroom Jeanne Connolly

Contrast that one with this, which is also in my idea book:
Kitchen eclectic kitchen
eclectic kitchen design by other metros interior designer Tracery Interiors

I think I'm having some decor schizophrenia going on.  This idea book is just beginning, and I look forward to adding to it more in the future.  I also created my own page there which is basically a cliff notes version of my blog here. 

I hope you'll visit and create some books of your own.  I'd love to see your houzzes!


  1. I have recently found Houzz also...I love being able to save the ones I like! My ideabook is under rroe if you want to check it out for more options for your own.

    I just found your blog last night and I spent a good deal of time looking over almost every post! You not only have wonderful design abilities, but I can tell that your priorities are firmly set on God and family.

    Thank you for the inspiration...I'll be checking in often!

  2. I'm planning to get over there and set up a book myself. I loved my earlier idea binder that I created from magazine clippings, but an electronic version is even better.

    :) Laura

  3. hi i have been a follower of your lovely blog for a while ..thanks for sharing i'm going to check it out now. XX

  4. I am a bit like you but I swing from totally modern, minimalist style decor to shabby chic style! I am going to go and check Houzz out! Thanks for sharing. xx

  5. love houzz! I need to go add to my idea book!

    I tend to swing from one style to another....It usually looks something like the two you chose...

    totally colorful vs. totally calm and crisp

  6. I love the second one too - but - nobody seems to live there!
    The fun of collecting photos is the diversity. I don't do mine on houzz because I have a different system already going, but I can see I'm missing out on part of the fun...

  7. I found your blog yesterday and am so inspired by your creative ability. You have an absolutely lovely home and family:0). Thanks for the tip on Houzz...I am going right over to make an idea book!

  8. Doesn't it get frustrating to LOVE styles on both ends of the spectrum!! I vote for the first. Looks like your family would be so comfy flopped on chairs and floor!

  9. RIE: Thank you for the GREAT idea and pointing us in the direction of HOUZZ. I am like you. I call myself design conflicted, as I am drawn to bright and cheery designs, like the first picture, but also more serene ones, like the second. Sort of the way I am about the idea of living in the country and all of its appeal BUT also the BIG city, with all of its own energy and appeal. I wonder how old one must be before it becomes evident which is the real you, in the design sense? Or perhaps one room, one mood, another, a different one? Thanks again for cutting a path to Houzz's door for us! xx P&H

  10. Oh my goodness! That site is so much fun!! So glad you mentioned it....

  11. LOVE Houzz! So much inspiration. Love both the kitchen photos too. Must have the same decor schizophrenia issues as you. :)

  12. I wonder if you like the first picture because you know the kids can't mess it up (haha). Actually I do find it appealing as well - the ceiling detail and all the coziness, I think.


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