Mornings and Lunch Dates

Every morning, my husband has a special time with one of our children individually. There’s never been a complaint at being woken up earlier than the rest. They each look forward to their special morning of the week with Daddy.
The meeting place is the kitchen table and they talk over coffee and hot cocoa. It doesn’t take anything fancy to connect with a child... just time and attention.  And lots of it. They’ve had this tradition now going on 8 years, and I’m betting it will continue into adulthood.

A few years ago I started my own little one-on-one tradition and established lunch dates on Saturdays. The children take turns going out for a slice of pizza with me. Today’s lunch date was with my big boy Gavin.
It’s always amazing to me how few words are necessary (on my part) for Gavin to feel he’s had a terrific time with Mom. He really, really likes to talk. So I listen. And funny enough, what he talks about is mostly over my head, which these days revolves 99% around computer programming.

I'm convinced he didn’t inherit a single thing from me except maybe the blond hair. He takes after my husband all the way.  I enjoy watching him grow and engage in the things he’s passionate about.
He’s been working a lot lately with his daddy, and together they created his first marketable software program. On today’s lunch date, I promised him a plug on my blog.  So here’s the plug…

Before our children ever started a formal math program, we had them learn their math facts backwards and forwards. It’s proven very helpful, and it inspired my husband and son to create a math flashcard software program.
It has features we haven’t been able to find in other programs, and we think it will be useful to other children and schools besides our own.

Have your children try out the free 7-day trial and let us know how you like it. Gavin’s just an email away should you have questions about the program. He’d love to answer them. Remember, he loves to talk. :)

For a link to the 7-day free trial click here.


  1. go Gavin! and way to foster creativity and entrepreneurship, Mom! That's great.

  2. i'm full of admiration! :) go, go, go, sterlingware!

  3. i must say your family lifestyle is admiral. nowadays, well for many yrs, parents just go with the flow don't even know there kids, put out there life plan never asking the child, the closeness you and hub have with your children and how you spend quality time is gradifying i look forward to reading your blogs for yrs to come (i hope) and read how your children have grown and the great accomplishments they have done..

  4. You look like a child yourself. Such a great family time thing to do. Gavin is on his way to stardom.

  5. Wow, what a smart cute kid! Way to go, I'll have my son try it out! And I love the one on one time your hubby has with a kid, so sweet!

  6. Love your family time with individual children. That is so important. I have been able to spend the week (WOW) with my oldest daughter in Gatlinburg this week at a world softball tournament. It has been wonderful. So ver special.

    We homeschool also and I LOVE what your son has done. What a great thing. When I have a few more minutes, I will be back to take a closer look at his mad computer skills. Tell him a homeschool mom in TN says he rocks!

  7. One on One time with each child is so important and special. Gavin sounds like a little genius!

  8. I think its important to get alone time with a parent... It reminds me of the special days we got with our beloved Mother, z'l. She had three children and we were all within four years of each other.. so she had her hands full. (Of course we were perfect children!) But you just loved those days when Mom spent one on one time.. when we were older, she would check us out of school on our birthday for a special lunch and an afternoon spent together. She made each of us feel loved and we miss her everyday!

  9. One of my favorite things ever is . . . intentional parenting. Great job. The pay off for your fun dates will be amazing.

  10. hello mr. gavin. can you tell me if your program will work on a mac computer? thank you!
    allison tannery


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