Poor Man’s Linen

A while ago I was honored to be a guest over at Melanie’s Pretties and Posies blog.  If you’ve never visited Melanie, please do!  You’re in for a treat.   If you missed my guest post there, I decided to repost it here today.  I’m taking a bit of a bloggy break to catch up on some things, but I promise to be back!  I’ll be working on some much needed changes to our second bathroom.  Currently, it looks like something out of an episode of The Jetsons.  If you don’t believe me, stay tuned and you’ll see! 


Today’s topic is using drop cloths in decorating.  My love affair with drop cloths began when I was a young newlywed. I needed a cheap way to make our apartment into a home.  With its dingy, old linoleum tile floors and dark paneled walls, the place needed all the help it could get. 
House Beautiful magazine came to the rescue and provided the inspiration I needed.  I had saved an article about a designer lining the inside of his entire bedroom with white drop cloths.  The drop cloths even continued over the window, allowing the light to filter through the fabric.   I ended up duplicating the look for our apartment bedroom, and every night it was like sleeping inside a dreamy tent.  We loved it!

In our current home I’ve used drop cloths in several place.  Here, for the curtain under our laundry sink.  I simply topped it with a piece of old curtain trim for a little flair…


The curtain under our kitchen sink is also made with drop cloth fabric…


As well as the inside-out liner of our bedroom chandelier


I cut some of the ready-made hem from the drop cloth edge to make the ties.  Easy!


If you’ve been reading home décor blogs for long, you have probably noticed canvas drop cloths making their rounds.  There’s a good reason for their popularity. With their nubby natural texture, drop cloths give the look of linen without the hefty price tag.  That’s why I like to call it poor man’s linen.  It makes a great substitute!

My Morning…


“Mom, it looks like a factory!”


Yes, a little one of sorts. 

So long farewell

The time has come to sell the last of my inventory from my Etsy shop.  As I posted about here, it’s time for me to say goodbye to my fabric piles, along with the hundred other ideas swimming around in my brain.  Right now I need to pour out my creative juices on some other important things…  like this little girlie


So here’s your last chance to get some of those “Recipe for a Happy Home” towels


I’ve  found some new towels I like even better than the old ones.  They are woven cotton with a red stripe running down the sides.  Cute, huh?  These towels make a great addition to a shower or wedding gift.  


I also have listed four 100% linen ruffle pillows in snowy white.  Very shabby and oh so chic. 


To view the last in my shop, click here.

Simple Letters

Sometimes we’ll ask our children what their favorite memory has been in their little lives, thus far.  One time our son responded by saying his favorite memory was a simple letter I had written him the week before. 


Obviously it was still fresh on his mind, otherwise I’m sure he would have chosen something a bit more, well, memorable!  Likely he would not even remember that specific letter now.  But it drove home the fact that this small gesture matters a great deal to my children. 


So,  I keep writing letters.  And sometimes I’ll get a sweet letter in return, which makes it all the more worthwhile.

The letter doesn’t have to be reserved for when they are doing everything perfectly or when they’ve accomplished something great.  How often could we, as parents, use a pat on the back when life seems to be crumbling around us?  Our children are no different, except maybe more impressionable. 


Is there someone in your house who could use an encouraging word?  You might just make a favorite memory this week in the life of a child.  :)

Give Thanks in French

Imagine my delight when I discovered the French translation for “Give Thanks”.


Rendre grâce.  Dual meaning in English, how about that?  It’s perfect, that’s what!  I had to implement it somehow.


For $10, I bought an old shutter from my favorite local junk shop, and took a chance that Citrasolv would work not only on fabric, but wood too.  It did!


Next up… cutting the shutter in half so it looks like a sign in the end like this:


Perfect  for Fall, but a good reminder the rest of the year too.  Now where to hang it?  Any ideas?

p.s. many have emailed me asking where to purchase Citrasolv, as it’s not the easiest thing to find.  I bought my bottle at a local art supply store for around $6.00, but Amazon carries it here as well… but unfortunately for more than twice the price.  A little goes a long way though, if it’s any consolation.

Lawn Party


Oh the plight of a little dog....


in a houseful of girls.

Mats for Doors

wm rug

It shouldn’t be so difficult locating unique and interesting doormats.  But it is. 

wm rug2

That’s why I’m bubbling over at finding these simple, chunkified mats to wipe the feet with.  And the price is nice… with the half circle being only $14.99 and the round one, $34.99.  Thank you World Market.com

2 packages, 2 shops, 1 announcement

You gotta love it when the mailman rings with two packages in tow.  Especially when those two packages come from two special ladies.


Do you recognize this silver compote?  It was first spotted on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog.  She just opened up a new shop and posted some of her beautiful vignettes.  I wish so badly I could visit in person… maybe one day!  If you click on this link, you’ll see I’m the first comment inquiring about her beautiful bowl.  When there’s a will, there’s a way.  She was so kind to ship it.  I just love it.  I adore everything she does.  So very talented and so very sweet.


And have you heard the news?  Maria, from the exquisite Dreamy Whites blog is opening an online shop this month.  I’m so excited, as it’s going to be filled with all kinds of French goodness.   I can’t tell you how wonderful her package smelled when I opened it!  Lavender pillows, lavender soap, lavender stems and a lavender colored antique bottle to top it all off.   I have little pieces of Maria in every corner of my house now, and it makes me smile.  :) 


On the topic of shops, my own Etsy store is about to close.  I have one more batch of the popular Recipe towels to sell next week, but after that, I’m saying goodbye to all the burlap and linen piles stacked up around here. 

It was a fun summer venture for me, but I find any time left over at the end of the day (or in my case, the middle of the day), I’d prefer to spend it doing what I love most.  Which is… decorating my home and making it a peaceful haven for those who live in and visit it.

I do daydream of having a brick and mortar shop filled with all the things I love.  One day.  But for now, for me, this isn’t the season.   So I live vicariously through my friends, and I don’t mind it, not one little bit! 

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