O so Clean


It’s about this time every year that I feel the almost panicky urge to pack it all up and move it on out.  And when I say “it”, I mean everything.  And when I say “out”, I mean out and into a U-Haul truck. 


I’ve chalked it up to the winter doldrums.  But instead of taking such extreme measures (I’m married to a sane and practical kind of guy after all), I seek out inspiration from houses even more spare than my own. 


Like the O so talented Kelly Mcguill from O so D.


The images of her home provide the nudge to shake out all my drawers and scrub my closets bare.


A much more doable solution for my restlessness, right?


I love Kelly’s practical decorating advice and unpretentious style.

Besides the up and coming clean sweep, I also have a few new projects planned, all thanks to Kelly.


To see more, visit her here.

Winter Wonderland


An uncommon sight, but one to behold. 

Garland of Snow


Paper, scissors, and time with the little ones equals a delightful window dressing.   One to keep up all season, we think.

In Good Company

At our house…


a sick day on the couch buys you sympathy from some furry friends.

Table Talk for the New Year (& beyond)


Last time I went perusing through my favorite store Anthropologie, I happened upon this little book sitting on their shelf…   and promptly imagined it on mine.

First, I was drawn in by the exquisite design which included gilded edges: 


I could have easily justified the purchase, using it as a desk prop alone.


But when I ventured inside its pages, I realized it was an upgraded version of our Table Talk cards.


The same type of questions, but a way to record everyone’s answers…  for the next 5 years.   


A little book of memories!

my only collection

I’ve never been a collector.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  I’m more inclined to purge items rather than hold onto them (which I sometimes regret later). 

But I do have one collection of sorts:


Growing up, I admired the pages of the decorating magazines my mom would bring into the house from time to time.  I remember when Country Living magazine was all about “homespun”, and I watched their progression throughout the years with anticipation and delight.   Right out of highschool, I paid for my first subscription of House Beautiful.  Little did I know, that would be just the beginning of a burgeoning collection.

I owe a lot of my decorating ideas to the plethora of design magazines out there.  They all feed me a monthly diet of inspiration, which contributes heavily to “my disease”. 


I was crushed when some of my favorites closed down.  Sniff.  I still miss them so.  It makes me treasure the back issues I’ve kept, and makes me all the more grateful for the magazines still up an running. 


Never would I have dreamed that my own home would ever be highlighted in one of these.  


So imagine my surprise when Romantic Homes featured my blog in their January issue!  Best of all, I’m surrounded by some of my favorite bloggy friends. I’m downright giddy about the whole ordeal and will likely stay beaming for quite a while.  

What a way to add to my collection!  Thank you Romantic Homes.

Making it your own…

Check out my very talented friend’s blog post today! 


She writes about making the holiday more her own style, and all the lovely touches accompanying that change.  Every bit is unique and inspired.  It’s all so beautiful, just like her.

Click here to see!

Votives, Simple & Sweet


Have you discovered these adorable canning jars?


They are made by Better Homes and Gardens, and sold in Walmart stores.


I love their chunky shape and quilted pattern.


So much so, that I plopped in candles and hung them with jute (unraveling the ends for texture).

Added a sprig of green and a trio of berries to each…
for a simple and sweet addition, inside the front door.


Seasonal Display

Decked out in seasonal decor, our new door is looking pretty festive.  My daughter posed in front to show just how tall the door is.  It’s big!


I bought the swag from Wreaths of Maine, but swapped out the plaid ribbon for creamy silk.  I also stuck in some lighter greenery here and there.  I didn’t intend to be in the picture, but there I am.  Hi!


The iron hares came from my mom.  (thanks Mom!) I like them so much, I’ll probably keep them up all year.  I hung them with droopy linen bows. 


The wax candles are battery operated, and give a dreamy glow in the evening.  This has been my first experience with battery operated candles, and I can’t believe I haven’t tried them them out until now!  They’re my new favorite thing.


The planter baskets came from TJ Maxx.  They are presently on clearance for around $6.00:


The kids cut some greenery from the trees in the yard, and we stuffed the baskets full.  We also threw in some sticks and pinecones.


Welcome December!

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