Beauty at the Barbershop


They just don’t make things like they used to.


Which is why I’m so drawn to antique stores and the like… 


Always on the lookout for that extra special piece.


Well, this has got to be our most unique find yet.  An old barber shop mirror turned sideboard. 


This piece has replaced our old mantel.  Yes, that same one we installed not too long ago.  (embarrassing)


Plans not tended to tend to change.  Needless to say, the fireplace insert project never happened.  But this barbershop piece fits in better with our new demolition plans.  Stay tuned!

Several little birdies have congratulated me on being mentioned in the Flea Market Style 2011 magazine:


But I have yet to get my hands on it!  It’s not from lack of trying.  For two weeks now I’ve combed the racks and nada!  Even yesterday!  I’ve only had a sneak peak from Urban Farmgirl:


To say I feel honored is an understatement.  Thank you so much Flea Market Style!  I chose Revival Antiques in Raleigh as my favorite place to shop.  They started out as a booth at the Raleigh Flea Market, but now have a showroom and warehouse in downtown Raleigh. 

The showroom has a mix of accessories and furniture that they have repurposed:


But the warehouse is my favorite part…stuffed full of treasure just waiting to be polished up… or beat up, depending on your style ;)  My kind of shopping:


I have bits of Revival sprinkled all throughout my home.  The barbershop piece being the latest, but definitely not the last.


To learn more about Revival Antiques, click here.


  1. Wow! What an incredible addition to your home. I lived many years in Raleigh and spent almost every weekend at the flea market. I so miss it as there is nothing like it here.

  2. rie,
    congrats on your blog feature in was so exciting to see so many of my favorite blogs listed in the magazine!
    love your latest treasure and how you incorporated it into your home. i'm curious to know what it looked like before you added your signature to it. was this all one piece?
    i must check out revival on our next trip to the south. i wish it were tomorrow, this snow/cold is getting old!

  3. Rie, you never cease to amaze,... also I really love "the baber shop" I wonder what is happening to the mantle? I'll write an e-mail soon, I have some exciting news :)

  4. I love're home is beautiful...looking forward to new demolition plans!

    beautiful piece that you added!

  5. oops! congrats on the flea market style surprise to anyone that you were listed!!!

  6. Wow, I'm a hairstylist and I would die to get my hands on a piece like that! Gorgeous!

  7. What a wonderful piece, and I LOVE your front door!

  8. Gorgeous piece! Looks fantastic!
    Congrats on the magazine mention!!

  9. That looks so beautiful Rie a terrific find.

  10. Just found you through urbanfarmgirl. Congrats on the Flea Market Style Mention.
    I also live in Raleigh. Thanks for the antique shop mention, now a new place to rummage through.

  11. Rie! Oh my goodness! You just have to get your hands on a copy! I have an me your address and I will be happy to send it your way!


  12. I love the barber shop mirror. What a lucky find.

  13. oh my it looks soososo fantastic!!!

  14. What a lovely piece! It looks fantastic! Congrats on your magazine mention too.. must have been soo exciting! take care, Maryann

  15. Breathtaking piece. I just love the uniqueness! I'm so glad Flea Market honored you. Your style and blog and a sweet find!

  16. LOVE it Rie!!!;) Hugs~ Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  17. So glad you were featured in the magazine, otherwise I may never have found you. Love all your things!

  18. Congratulations for being featured in the magazine. Great flea market find, it looks wonderful and so original.

  19. I love Revival Antiques too and I have one of their pieces (a small sideboard). Love the Raleigh flea market too- NC all around has wonderful antiquing....Congrats!

  20. Gorgeous and so unique, wow. That's just a really cool piece.

  21. Stunning! I love all the detail and history!

  22. Classy and with great style! Where did you get those groovy green glass jars with dark metal looking lids?

  23. Hi! Just found you from the Flea Market article. Found my copy at Borders! Love the barbershop piece!! Just I can read back, back, back to see what else you have been up to! Yeah!

  24. Gorgeous and definitely one of a kind!

  25. Hello,

    Congratulations on the Flea Market write up! That is so great and well deserved. Also your barbershop furniture is beautiful.
    Lovely decor.
    Thank you for sharing.

  26. congrats on that FANTASTIC feature!!!! I agree with their great words about you!

  27. Love it! I've also spent many hours in antique warehouses. :) When I was younger I hated being stuck there with my mom "forever," but now I wish I could go more often!

  28. Oh my goodness - what an amazing piece!!!! THAT is truly the star of the room, isn't it?? Beautiful! Just beautiful, Rie! And congrats on the mention in FMS mag! I was doing the happy dance for you! :)

    xoxo laurie

  29. Gosh that is beautiful! It would be perfect for an entry way with the mirror, the table and drawers. And that it has a story to it makes it even better :)

  30. This piece is incredible! I may or may not have just decided to plan a trip to Raleigh. Thanks for sharing!

  31. that piece is killer.
    i love it.
    and i saw you in the mag yesterday! awesome.


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