3 days & 3 bottles of lemonade later…


I’ve been busy in my laundry room since my last post.  Melanie inspired me with her Ikea bottles.  But since the nearest Ikea is three hours away, we opted for some sparkly lemonade instead, French style: 


Who knew Mom organizing the cleaning supplies would be so tasty?  Drink up kids!


Distilled water, vinegar, and mineral oil are my tried and true solutions.  I used my label maker to mark them, so there is no guessing what’s what. 

Handy labeling trick:  if you put a space in between each letter, the labels come out more interesting.

Above my machines, we have Oxy Clean spiffed up in a pretty jar with some gifted homemade soaps sitting beside.  Mrs. Myers is my splurge, and since she’s already dressed so nicely, I left her as is.


And hanging below is my version of a clothes line. 


I had my son fetch me a stick from the woods, and we hung it with twill ribbon on each side.


I’m always hanging unmentionables in the oddest places.  But now I won’t have to. 


Oh, and while we’re in here, you’ll notice my inside-out lampshade has a new home, which was the by-product of our bedroom switcheroo


The hooked rug came from my Grandma Mable’s attic. 


Not really.  But I like to pretend.  


It really came from Uncle T.J. Maxx.


Cleaning Pretty

I really did think my laundry room was settled.  But after reading this post by Melanie from Pretties and Posies, I’ve got the itch to tweak it a little. 

cleaningPhoto courtesy Pretties and Posies

Mainly my plans are to put more of my cleaning supplies on display, like the above.  I’ll be sure to share when it’s complete.  Thanks for the inspiration Melanie!

I’ll take a stack of these please.


I’m pretty sure these little beauties went on sale just for me.prettymugs3

But at $3.95,  I couldn’t help sharing them with you.  On sale here.

But then I woke up.

Just poking my head in to tell you about a dream I had last night.  I’m sure it wasn’t the first time I’ve dreamt about home décor, and I’m certain it won’t be the last.  (pathetic, but true)

Last night’s thrilling dream… Cottage Living magazine came back!!!  It felt so real.  *sigh* 


Vacation Day

My handy husband travels four to five weeks out of the year.  And for some odd reason whenever he goes away I get these insane urges that require LOTS of muscle power. 

One time the kids and I took the entire week to completely gut the garage.  If you could have seen our garage, you would know why I would call the process “gutting” and  not “cleaning”.  With all of the projects we do around here, the garage becomes The Dump.

So this last time he went away, I had a sudden urge to play bedroom switcheroo.  Yep, three bedrooms were calling my name. I could have waited a couple days for the main muscle man to return home to help.  But instead I got the bright idea of enlisting my children. 

I gave them the option of doing  their normal homeschool or helping Mom with her crazy plans for the day.  Much to my delight (but not surprise), they chose switching the bedrooms around.  It was a unanimous chorus of enthusiastic optimism.  The perfect way to start the day.

Down and up, up and down went dressers, lamps, clothes, shoes, chairs, mattresses, bedframes half unassembled (because we couldn’t figure out how to get the screws out of the other half).   One flight of stairs to the other, back and forth, until it was finished.  At around 9:00 that evening. 

At the end of the day, I asked the children if it was worth the day off school.  If they could go back to that morning and weigh their options, what would they choose? 

“School.”  :)


Here’s a little peek into the fruit of our hard labor.  More to come!

Dreamy Whites Shop Opening (and a giveaway)


The much anticipated Dreamy Whites online shop is now open.  Maria has filled it with authentic French Farmhouse goodness.  Truly exquisite!

Keswick Country is offering an extremely generous giveaway with some items from the shop.  To enter, click here.


I always knew deep down inside that my wild-for-me bohemian bathroom would never last. 

bath 8

And I was right.  It was just too, well… wild for me. 

bath 11

Farewell fancy skirt, hello wicker basket.


The enameled “flower box” is now holding some seashells and mixed with the Dash and Albert rug, it’s all looking rather beachy.  Which must mean I’m ready for summer.

bath 10

One thing I hadn’t shared before, was the copper pipe we integrated into the sink base. I love that we can see it now.  I think it adds a clean, industrial element.

bath 8

A fresh change, for the time being.

Plain Jane


plain (plān)

1. Free from obstructions; open; clear


2. Not elaborate or complicated; simple


3. Marked by little or no ornamentation or decoration


4. Straightforward


5. Beautiful.  (my definition)


I’m still on a minimalist kick, can you tell?  And no one does it quite like Jane Cumberbatch.

I’ve especially appreciated this little interview at styleathome.com, where she discusses her design philosophy and inspirations. 


Jane’s blueprint for simple style?  “Few, functional and fine.”


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