How not to whitewash a floor


1. Remove lid to a gallon sized can of white stain

2. Balance lidless can of white stain on the edge of the bathtub

3. Knock over can of white stain onto freshly laid wood flooring

4. Use spackle knife to scrape puddles of white stain back into can

5. Vigorously rub paper towels over entire area

6. Think positive thoughts.  Perhaps you have just discovered a new inventive whitewash application.  


7. Realize that no, you have not.

8. Retrieve the belt sander.

Spring wrapped up in a room.

springroomimage courtesy: House Beautiful

I’m introducing some color of my own into the house today (via scrumptious lilacs).  Is Spring blooming yet by you?  I just adore this time of year!

White Washing

So it’s been quiet here on this little ‘ol blog… 

image found

but not due to inactivity.  At this house?  Never! 

image found here

We’ve been busy beavers, laying wood floors for the first time ever. 

whitewash8image found here

Pine boards for the master bedroom, found for 80 cents a square foot via craigslist (of course). 

whitewash6image found here

Cheaper than carpet.  Can’t beat that!

whitewash3image found here

We drew inspiration from these photos and others like them.

whitewash2image found here

Can you venture a guess what look we’re after?

whitewash1image found here

We figured we didn’t have enough white around here, so we’re creating more. 

image found here

We’ve been surprised with the process.  Details of how we are going about it to come.

Friday Special


knew that opening an egg carton…


could provide not only nourishment for the body…


but also for the soul.


Eggs by Aldi


White on White


Lately I’ve been pulling the covers up over our pillows and calling the bed “made”.  With our new (old) farmhouse style frame, it just seems fitting.  Like something Ma would have done out on the prairie.


The simplicity and ease has grown on me to the point that I rather prefer it.  The extra pillows are stored away for the time being. 


Our sweet Penny passed away last year, and since we couldn’t get along with only one dog in the house, we added a second long haired dachshund. 

The children named the little guy Arthur Scott Bailey after their favorite children’s author


I think he makes up for the lack of adornment on the bed.  I’ve always admired the white-on-white color scheme after all. 


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