When white turns into gold.


I know it’s just one among thousands of sock systems employed by large families far and near.  But this is the system I began when our children were just wee bitty, and it’s the one we still use today. 


Like any good system, it’s simple so it works!


It’s no exaggeration to say that these Gold Toe brand socks have changed my life.  No more sorting or stacking or looking for pairs.  When I pull out a sock from the dryer, I throw it in the sock bin and call it a day.  The gray differentiates the boys from the girls.  The stripes differentiate size.


When my children need socks, they simply find the appropriate striped sock x 2. 


Gold Toe brand socks can be found in many stores, but I buy ours at Target.  If they ever discontinue them I think I’ll cry.

Singing the Blues

And the winner is… blue!  I appreciate your votes and comments.  My Norwegian friend, Margitta, from White as Linen reminded me of this post from the Milk and Honey blog.  The gist of it was that exterior and interior colors should coincide.


I snatched this image a while ago from the Sea Cottage blog.  I filed it away as the image that most expresses the pallet I desire for my home.  Do you see a speck of coral red?  Nope.  Blue and Green?  Yes.


After three different stores, a plethora of blue paint chips and three painted-on samples, I settled upon “Laughing Eyes” by Ace. 


Don’t you love the name?  It is the perfect mix for the door… not too blue, not too green, not too light, not too dark.  Just right.  We think! 

Color Quandary


We’re under a time crunch now.  I tell ya what, this is my kind of stress.  I’ll take it!  We close May 31’st on the old farmhouse, which means we’d like to have the front door ready to go by then.  Since my husband is very much a “whatever you want dear” kind of guy, it’s up to me to choose the color. 

I posted about the old door we got off of craigslist here.  And by the comments, I could tell you must have been reading my mind. 


My first choice for the door was to strip it down and poly it but unfortunately that won’t work.  We have to change the doorknob to the other side so the door opens into the new living room.  That means we’ll have to patch up the hole on the other side.  Painting is the only option. 

When I first spotted this door from Cottage and Vine, bluish green became by next favorite choice (Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore):

cottage and vine

But then there’s the whole porch ceiling issue.  You see, after painting our current porch ceiling blue, I kind of fell in love with the look, and it’s become a must-do for our new ceiling. 

Blue door, blue ceiling.  Too much?  Maybe.  But then I found these images of  blue doors with blue ceilings:

blue door 3

It works.  It’s probably just a matter of choosing the right blue for contrast.  But is all the blue screaming “Coastal”?

blue door 2

The new house is a very traditional farmhouse in the country.  There’s even a token red barn in the background:


Nothing says classic farmhouse like a red door… my next choice.  I would choose a coral red for a twist. Can’t you picture a sky blue above this door? 

red door 3

Last but not least is another traditional look.  Black: 


I was against the idea of black until I saw it against a blue ceiling and now it’s in the running:

images from
Ekster Antiques

Would you like to participate in choosing the color? I added my first-ever poll to the top right side of my blog so you can cast your vote.  Pretty please! 

Guest Post- Christan


My best friend from childhood, Christan, has always been a writer.  And a good one!  She’s going to be a guest blogger for Dayspring’s (in)courage blog in the near future, and I just have a feeling it’s only the start of good things to come for her.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please do… I know you’ll be encouraged.  She just has a way of squeezing out purpose from the ordinary things in life.  She also has a flair for the creative, as evidenced below.  Give her a visit at Repurposed Heart.  Thanks for guest posting my sweet friend!

Repurposed Crabbing Baskets

It started out as an economical decision.  Pottery Barn taste on a tag sale budget…

While visiting my brother’s family in New Jersey, we had spent a day on the water.  All eight of us.  And with bodies ready to retire, he prepared his boat to rest until the next time the Delaware Bay wooed him back.  I wanted to help, but his hands were swift, his face determined, his stance confident.  I was misplaced.

We grew up in Florida and New Jersey and had even lived our youngest years in the Philippine islands.  But we never had a boat.  We swam, we became the water, but we never skimmed the surface.  Never conquered it.

After four years of college in mid-America, I married a Kansas boy and eventually settled in St. Louis.  And fifteen years later, I still miss the coast, and the salt, and my childhood home.  And my big brother.

He’s always been on a different plane than me… more common sense, more perceptive, more aware of the world.  He’s a doer – the type that puts you to shame.  Always repairing.  Always restoring.  Always starting – and completing - projects.  Reflective yet practical.  A thinker and a pragmatist.

I watched with mystery that day - my brother, three feet away yet worlds apart.  Encircling us overhead were traps – crabbing baskets – tokens of his favorite pastime.  Salty and rusted, they wore the evidence of purpose.

Do I dare ask him for one?  Do I dare ask to enter his world - the world he has claimed for himself as an adult?  It’s one of pensive solitude and purpose.  It's a world just like him.

Of courseTake two or threeTake as many as you’d like.  He tried to find the nicest one, but I insisted on charm instead.  It would be repurposed, after all.  I wanted to take the ocean – and my brother – back home with me.

Once back in Missouri, I repurposed my brother’s hobby into coveted wire baskets - worthy of holding my son’s sports magazines or my artsy daughter’s paper scraps.  Spray paint and twine – that’s all it took.  Oh, and some patience.


I opened the baskets by unwinding the string, hosed them down, and let them dry in the sun.

After a few coats of Rustoleum black spray paint, the traps were ready to be transformed into knock-off Pottery Barn wire baskets with a tad more charm.  And history.


And then the winding of jute twine began.  In and out, over and under.  Again and again and again.


I stopped every so often to make sure my tension was just right to keep the basket an even square. A simple knot in the front was the perfect final touch.



The traps are designed to open on any side, so the transformation wasn’t as easy as I imagined.  It took a ton of patience over a couple days.  But risking to open our hearts isn’t always easy either.  Originally designed to confine, the baskets served as instruments of freedom that summer day in New Jersey.  And in the weeks and months to come.  Freedom to step into his world.  Freedom to stay.

Favorite Things


I just love when others post about their favorite things, so I’ve decided to start up a section dedicated to my own favorites.  It’s the little things in life…

First up is my newest find.  Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. I spotted it for the first time at my  local Target store just a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. 

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in “Peony” used to be my go-to, apply-it-20-times-a-day-lip-stuff, but no longer.    It’s been replaced with this new balm in “Hibiscus”.  The color is perfect for me…just like my natural lip color…  but a little more pigmented.  The application is smooth, soft and lovely with no fake sparkles.  If you’re a “natural” kind of girl, I know you’ll like it too.

It runs around $7 and worth every penny.  Remember I’m fair and blond, so “Hibiscus” might not work for you.  But there are lots of other delightful colors to suit your fancy.   Click here to see the selection.

Growing Pains

Little Arthur Scott Bailey is growing up.  Very different from his red headed sister Milly.  He’s the fiery one.  Go figure!  Chews more.  Eats more.  Barks more.  Runs more.  Jumps more.  Pees more.  But snuggles more.  We’ll keep him.

…another door opens.

Isn’t it ironic? And we didn’t even plan it. Turns out the first project for the new house is a front door! It just so happens that we found this lil’ old beauty last week on craigslist for $100.


That’s just how we roll. We see a deal and snatch it up, then find how we can work it in. And we always seem to somehow.


So… a question for you. What color to paint it? We’re leaning towards red. Would love to hear your thoughts.


And if you missed the post about what house we’re talking about, click here.

Parade of Homes #13


Welcome to the Parade of Homes tour, day 3!  If you missed out on the previous two days, click the above link to start the tour from the beginning! 













Thanks for stopping by!  To see the next house on the tour, click the image below:


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