Variation on the same theme


As much as I would love to go all out and change things every time we move (or move things around), the irksome budget constrains me.


So if you think you’ve seen this room before, it’s because you have.  Served up three different ways… here, here and now here!  This time we unbunked the beds and painted them apple green.  The makeshift bolster pillows became accent quilts again. 


Instead of pink pom-poms, I chose to hang white paper lanterns, both plain and eyelet.  You can find similar ones here.


Do you see the tree outside the window?  That’s one of the reasons we bought the house.  We love our trees! 


The lanterns above the beds are cheap exterior lights from Home Depot. 



For a bit of feminine whimsy, I attached a white ruffle ribbon around the glass shade with craft glue.


On the left wall of the room we framed out an old mirror with some of the downstairs wall planking and painted it pink.  I love how it reflects the light.  And the tree!


I’ve long admired Katie Daisy’s artwork on Etsy.  


Joyful is how most people would describe Eva and Charlotte who share this bedroom.  So when I saw this print, I knew it was perfect.  It is them!


And for Charlotte’s bed, I sewed up a Swedish inspired heart and filled it with lavender.  Since Charlotte is blind, this gives a  personal touch to her bed that’s all her own.  A little squeeze, and lavender scents the air. 


A variation on the same sweet and girly theme. 


In other news… the downstairs is coming along.  You’ll be happy to hear that the planks are staying!  But nothing is finished quite yet.  Soon, very soon! 

The Proper Care and Feeding of a Blog

If there is a book by that title, I’m not the author of it.  Clearly, I’ve fallen down on the job!  Truth is, our life is so utterly FULL right now.  Any spare energy remaining at the end of the day is focused on keeping some semblance of order amidst the construction and mess.  Messtruction.  My new made-up word, since you can’t have one without the other.  I have had a little time  here and there to work on one of the girl’s bedrooms.  I hope to have a post up by the end of the week.  Bear with me and stay tuned!

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