Girls’ Room Grown Up


Two years ago, I posted about our girls’ room for the first time.  Back then, they were all sharing, and still little:  


But now our oldest two are going on 11 and 13.  Too old for pink pom-poms and rag dolls, they say.  So we’ve been doing a little here and a little there to make their new bedroom grown up. 


It all started with these little Anthropologie frames I’ve had for several years.  I used to have the pair hanging in our old dining nook.  They are sweet, but sophisticated.  Grown up!


We painted the walls “Sea Salt”, a Valspar color.  I love the combination of gold and bluish-green.  I found the perfect gold fabric to drape the ends of their beds.  I simply hemmed a yard of fabric for each bed.  Easy.


I contemplated coordinating pillows at the head of the bed, but we chose to keep it simple.  Pillows would have detracted from the detail of the headboard, and taken the focus away from the little framed mirror.  The absence of throw pillows means their beds are quick to make each morning.


Their matching bed frames came from craigslist for $75 a pop.  I painted them a creamy white, and found some matelass√© coverlets from Homegoods to match. 


Space is at a premium, so we use baskets under the bed for storage.


We found the bird cage picture hanger from World Market. 


The girls are infatuated with birds, so it was the perfect addition. 


We played musical pets during this photo shoot :)  Here’s Paris trying to get her lovebird to pose on the bed post (it was unsuccessful, as he didn’t want to leave her elbow)…


The curtains we kept simple but romantic with $13 patterned sheers from Target.


I used $2 strings of beads from the craft store to drape the curtains back. A bit of a bohemian vibe.


We used an old cubby to hang above the other bed…


but switched out the original hooks for these World Market knobs to hang their necklaces:


After telling my mother approximately 1000 times how much I liked this particular dresser, she finally gave it to me.  :) 


It’s here only temporarily though.  I’ve been picturing it in our downstairs bathroom.  Can’t you see a sink in it with a wall-mount faucet?  Yup, me too.


The lamp was a thrift store find, and I like the vintage flair it gives to the space:


I gave the girls my “watch dog”, along with the loan of my watches. 


Seems my whole wardrobe is on loan these days.  My oldest daughter is starting to outgrow my shoes.  Like I said, a lot can happen in two years!


I wonder what the next two years will bring.  :)


  1. What a gorgeous grown up room. The blue and gold is glorious together.I have been thinking about revamping my daughters rooms alot lately unfortunately they will have to make do with me picking up little things here and there & stashing them away until the revamp happens lol. We live in a rental so no painting of walls allowed and I am currently reconfiguring the living rooms but after seeing this I will have to get thinking about their rooms :) Thanks for sharing

  2. It's beautiful! I love the wall color with the gold. What a find on the beds!

  3. Rie so sophisticated, simple and lovely. And I deeply agree with you about the throw pillows, especially for kids, less is more in every department - toys, stuff and bedding.

  4. it's so lovely. love the wall color and the touches of gold. how do you keep it so simple with two girls? i only have one 9 year old in a room and it always looks like the closet exploded all over the room!

    1. we just don't keep a lot of stuff. we purge constantly and only keep what we use. that's our "secret".

  5. Thanks for walking us through the elegantly "grown up" re-do. Love your style, Rie!

  6. Such a pretty space! I love the little mirrors above the bed... simple and lovely.

  7. So pretty! I love the fabric you chose for the end of their beds, and that dresser is fabulous! What a great space for your daughters =)

  8. The room is really pretty. I am sure your girls love it!

  9. I love your simple style! My girls are 8 and 3, and this is something I would do when they get older. Thanks for showing us great style on a budget!

    Reve Decor

  10. Just lovely Rie. Those bed frames are gorgeous. The girls must love their new grown up room!

  11. It looks great, Rie. What a find those beds were. I'll bet the girls are just over-the-moon. You will be amazed at what the NEXT two years will bring...but at least they won't outgrow the style of this year's's timeless. xo Diana

  12. Gorgeous..I love the addition of the fabric at the end of the bed..I have to agree with your plans for the bathroom..It would be awesome..

  13. I loved it before and I love it now..Some great finds too. Love the bead tiebacks idea and the knob changes on the cubby. The runner completes the room beautifully. A great job Rie once again - love your makeovers - cant wait for the kitchen too.
    Rebecca x

  14. Oh Rie, it's divine!!! What lucky girls, it looks grown up and sophisticated yet still girl too. The fabric at the end of the bed is a great idea. Love the dresser (which yes is perfect for a bathroom) and the lamp you found is adorable. What a great makeover x

  15. I knew I would love it! You never disappoint. :)
    How beautiful is Paris? OMG, growing up so fast. You will love having teenage girls. I did and it was pure joy.
    Looking forward to the kitchen!!!!

  16. I agree with Amanda. Your girls are so super blessed to have you as a mommy. Uh, excuse me, "mom", not "mommy". :) I LOVE their room.

  17. I love the combination of the blue and gold together. And yes, time goes by fast. I remember that their original bedroom was what brought me here as a follower:)

  18. I LOVE the vintage lamp, bedspreads, the little mirrors, and those gorgeous big windows with the pretty sheers. I LOVE your simple style, it is so feminine.

  19. if you ever cut a hole in that dresser don't tell us before ..... like the idea but it's sooo pretty i don't know if i could handle it seeing a hole in it.

  20. beautiful crisp & classic and fun all wrapped up together!

  21. I love it! We will be tackling my daughter's room soon. It needs a new paint job in a bad way, and we'll have to do a little revamping so as to add her little sister in there with her. I pray all goes well. They are seven years apart. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Lovely room, Rie! These four poster beds must be something unique american - I've never seen them in Europe...but they are so pretty :)

  23. It looks fabulous. I love the Anthropology mirrors, they're almost like a one of those meditation focal points... really cool. The baskets under the bed are awesome too, they look great, and are totally functional. Pretty colors, and the bohemian touch is just perfect for girls that age... and uhhhhhh, ya think,! that dresser with a sink, oohhh my goodness, it would be to die for


  24. Rie, this is just the most beautiful young ladies' bedroom...perfect in every way!!

  25. Beautiful! I am in the process of doing my girls room and boys room. Any suggestions on painting the beds? I just acquired a pair of twin beds that are in serious need of some paint! Love the baskets under the bed. We have been doing that since my boys were babies. There just never seems to be enough room when sharing a space even if I limit the clothing.

  26. Oh my goodness! Beautiful room and Paris looks like a very young someone I knew in high school. I can't believe it. Post a new family pic soon, please.

  27. So pretty! You did a beautiful job Rie! Love your blog!!


  28. As pretty as this new decor is....I'm going to miss those pink pom poms! :)

  29. Everything looks lovely ...the animal "accessories" are cute too !! Gail x

  30. Once again you've done an amazing job. I love how classic the whole room looks.

  31. Lovely lovely room! Our girls are 12 And 14 and we are just adding two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs for them. Our bathroom colour will be very similar to your wall colour. I love how you have paired it with the old gold. We are doing silver ...

  32. Wow, you have such a beautiful house!
    Your touch with details and an overall feeling of calmness in your home is so wonderful. Love your colour scheme!

    I would really like to follow your lovely blog, and I'm now a follower!

    Please feel free to visit my Norwegian blog. I would be so glad!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Anette Willemine

  33. I love the switch , from little girl room to big girl room. Very beautiful...I invite you to visit my new blog...I just did a post on my little girls room. Blessings Lori

  34. sooo sweet, pretty & classy. love that you didn't seem to spend a lot of money.

  35. The room redo is gorgeous! I really like the color and style you chose, something classic, elegant, and a touch whimsical. My daughter's room is currently undergoing the transformation from surfer beachy to something more understated... She's currently in love with the art deco look, but she's also playing with the idea of a more prairie vintage feel. At 13, it's hard to nail down a single theme!

  36. I LOVE the paint color in that room!

    Pretty, bed, too.


  37. hi rie,
    i didn't see an email, so i'm leaving this in the comments...i would like to line the backs of a pair of glass wardrobe doors with fabric in my son's bedroom. i can't find hardware or information anywhere on how to do this, but i know i've seen fabric behind some of your kitchen cupboard doors and i was wondering if you would be willing to share how you installed this? thank you so much. i have enjoyed your beautiful blog for a very long time. i don't often leave comments b/c i am busy with my little peeps but i do thank you for all the inspiration! tessa


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