Modern Farmhouse Inspiration

Boy, am I glad I entered Pinterest this morning.  Otherwise I might have missed this fantastic inspiration. 

It’s perfect timing too, since we’re (finally) at the finishing out stage of our downstairs area.  Yahoo!! 

This was the house that was pinned by my favorite pinner, Julie Holloway (from Milk & Honey Home). 

Little did I know when I clicked it, I’d find the interior pictures as well. 

I need to go to the original websites the pictures are taken from more often. You never know what else you’ll find!

Ropes for a banister… unique and cheap.

I adore the farm animal graphics in this space… perfect for our kiddie’s bathroom.  Also love the three simple sinks on the plank of wood.

I like the little pops of color here.  And hey, that fan looks familiar!  It’s the same one we had in our last living room:


You can buy it here on Amazon.

I love the lack of color in their family room…brings your eye outside through those gorgeous windows. 

The wire hanging pendent takes the stage in this simple kitchen.  And it looks like something that would be pretty easy to replicate. 

All of these images are from Garden & Gun.  There’s even more swoon worthy pictures over there… so go take a peak and be inspired.


  1. fabulous inspiration! Couldn't help pinning a few for myself!


  2. I already saw your pins of this fabulous farmhouse this morning and had pinned some from you! :) I too clicked through to Garden & Gun and swooned...

  3. I love all your posts and get excited when I see a new one. :) Will we be seeing your downstairs soon?
    xo Dianne

  4. What a gorgeous home...I love all the light coming through those windows and the rope for the banister and railings is fabulous!


  5. Fantastic photos, great inspiration!

  6. Great home..
    A lot of inspiration..
    Have a fabulous weekend..

  7. I saw those one of those on pinterest last night and clicked over the original site as well. LOVE IT!

  8. I subscribe to Garden and Gun and and loved the April issue w/ this house. I enjoyed reading about the family and architect's inspiration and collaboration. Hearing the backstory for how these wonderful places come to be helps me get excited about them. Sometimes when I look over Pinterest I wonder "Who lives there? How did this room come to be that way?" That thought pattern is one of the reasons I love your blog!

  9. Great glad I found your blog!!

  10. What a gorgeous home! Love the farm house theme and that wonderful swing. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  11. I love your blog, Rie!
    Michele from Columbus Ohio

  12. There is a lot to love about this home! It's great to come across one that makes you stop and study every detail. It's all in the details...
    Thanks for sharing! (also loving the unfolding of your farmhouse as we work on the finishing of our cabin)

  13. Thanks, Dear Rie...that means a TON coming from you :) Julie

  14. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful

  15. lovely inspirations...great!!

  16. I WANT my house like this! Right now Im just living in a condo in Mandaluyong .....


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