Almost there…

still in progress

I’m really not into posting “before” photos until I have some finished pics to follow them up with.  I personally like seeing a pretty picture after an ugly one.  But I figure with how things are moving along over here… it could be awhile.  ;)

A few months ago I posted about the English Smallbone kitchen we found on craigslist.  I posted about it here


Here’s the kitchen in it’s original home.  A little old school country, but with so much potential.


And here it is installed in our new-but still in progress-kitchen:

still in progress

There were two painted pieces mixed in with the wood, and I decided to repaint them in a creamy white. 

still in progress 2

I just love the look of wood and white.  Instead of subway tile, we’ll be installing wide horizontal plank boards on the walls of the kitchen, painted white.  I think it will give it a cozy modern farmhouse vibe that will feel warmer than tile.

still in progress 3

We’ll be using honed carrara marble for some of the counters, including the island. 

still in progress 10

The beautiful teak on the farmhouse sink counter will stay, as will the butcher block counter:

still in progress 11

Does the island look familiar? 

still in progress 3

We took it with us from our old house when we moved.  I painted it the same creamy white as the new cabinets and took the fabric off the back of the wire…just for a change. 

still in progress 4

I also used the same Restoration Hardware drawer pulls on the new cabinets as I did on our island for a unified look:

still in progress 5

still in progress 6

By the way, we got our Jenn-Air stove on craigslist too for $200!  It was an especially good find, since we needed a downdraft stove due to the windows above.  Downdraft stoves are hard to come by, especially used. 

still in progress

I have always loved wrap-around windows in a kitchen. 

still in progress 9

The view out of our new kitchen is worth the lack of storage space from upper cabinets. Don’t mind the unkempt yard… that’s a whole other project.

still in progress 7

I’ve gotten so much inspiration from so many places, it’s hard to narrow down one kitchen in particular that’s inspired the new space.  But here are some, which will give you an idea of what I’m envisioning for the walls, ceiling, and window finishings:

kitchen window idea








I hope by sharing these sneak peak pics, you can share in my vision (and excitement) for the finished product.  Almost there!

still in progress

Modern Farmhouse Inspiration

Boy, am I glad I entered Pinterest this morning.  Otherwise I might have missed this fantastic inspiration. 

It’s perfect timing too, since we’re (finally) at the finishing out stage of our downstairs area.  Yahoo!! 

This was the house that was pinned by my favorite pinner, Julie Holloway (from Milk & Honey Home). 

Little did I know when I clicked it, I’d find the interior pictures as well. 

I need to go to the original websites the pictures are taken from more often. You never know what else you’ll find!

Ropes for a banister… unique and cheap.

I adore the farm animal graphics in this space… perfect for our kiddie’s bathroom.  Also love the three simple sinks on the plank of wood.

I like the little pops of color here.  And hey, that fan looks familiar!  It’s the same one we had in our last living room:


You can buy it here on Amazon.

I love the lack of color in their family room…brings your eye outside through those gorgeous windows. 

The wire hanging pendent takes the stage in this simple kitchen.  And it looks like something that would be pretty easy to replicate. 

All of these images are from Garden & Gun.  There’s even more swoon worthy pictures over there… so go take a peak and be inspired.

Puddle Park Splash







The country kid’s version of Slip ‘n Slide.  :)


The girls and I are home now.  The construction project isn’t done, however.  We even had many extra helping hands from loving friends, but unfortunately it was an even bigger job than we anticipated (hmm, that’s becoming a theme ;).  But it doesn’t matter.  I’m happy to be home with my whole family again. 

As I sit here with sweet Bailey in my lap (he missed me), there is not one ounce of pretty around me.  To be more specific, there are metal ladders hovering over me, the furniture is displaced, construction dust covers every conceivable surface, and the yard is littered with debris from last week’s demolition.  But I’m at peace. 

There truly is no place like home.  I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again… a peaceful home is not how it’s decorated.  Aesthetics merely add to what’s already there. That’s why I named my blog “Home & Harmony”… there is so much more that goes into creating a happy space besides the pretties you put into it. 

It’s about the people that inhabit it, and the way they interact… the way those individuals are secure because they know that everyone around them loves them deeply and has their best interest at heart.  It’s about Who they serve, and understanding that life isn’t about serving oneself, but about serving God, and thus each other. 

The fact of the matter is, this world is passing, and our eternal home awaits.  I’m thankful for the beautiful home that God has given me on this earth, and I’m not talking about the physical structure…but about the seven other people He has placed in my life, and for Him being the center of it all.  That is home.  Amen.

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