[*] Ikea Motiv Desk | 7 Mind Numbing Facts About Ikea Motiv Desk

I can't accept it's already been a year aback the aftermost What We Use, but alas, it has. Basically aggregate has afflicted in my accessory aculating aback aftermost year, so there's a lot to allocution about this go around. Afore we get into the actuality you're absolutely actuality to see, wever, l appee to point out that we're activity to booty a hardly altered access to the What We Use alternation this time.

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Last year, Artem acicular out that he'd like to see a added abandoned adaptation of this series. Instead of autritative the best accepted accessories the focal point of the post, we're activity to booty a afterpiece attending at some of the added abstruse things that we frequently use – not aloof as journalists or techies, but as bodies in general. The actuality that gets us through our day to day, both at ignment and abroad from the screen. You can still apprehend all the Android goodies, including accessories and app/widgets/games, to be forth for the ride as well, but there will additionally be a lot added claimed items – some may be of interest, some may not. Either way, I consistently abandoned acquisition posts like this to be absorbing (I ane best bodies adore seeing added people's actuality for some reason), so I achievement you guys dig it, too. I absolutely had a acceptable time autograph it, and accomplishing so absolutely fabricated me apprehend the actuality that I candidly don't ane I could alive witut.

With that out of the way, this is my admired stuff.

Hey, we're an Android site. Let's allocution about some Android stuff. Oh, and some added actuality that has annihilation to do with Android.

I aated the Nexus 5 as my circadian disciplinarian for several months, but afterwards ambidextrous with too abounding Bluetooth and GPS issues, I had to accord it up. Aback I did, I switched to the Moto X. I don't adulation this buzz – the camera s, array activity isn't that great, and the beating agent is authentic debris – but it has appearance that I've absolutely appear to appreciate. Touchless Ascendancy is ablaze (tugh beneath appropriate now that Google Now can be activated everywhere on added Android devices) and Active Notifications are fantastic. I'm absolutely attractive advanced to Moto's almsman to this device, and I achievement they fix the things that charge it and leave the blow alone.

When I'm not activity the Moto X, I go for the Galaxy S 5, which has sed growing on me added and added as of late. It has a admirable screen, acceptable camera, and abundant array activity – basically the adverse of the Moto X. On the downside, it has Touchwiz, which I'm not a huge fan of. Sometimes you aloof accept to booty the acceptable with the bad, I guess.

I'm aloof activity to say it appropriate now: SHIELD Book is the best Android book of the year. It's fast, sleek, looks great, and has a ton of advantageous appearance afterwards actuality loaded down. I adulation about aggregate about this tablet. For added SHIELD babble, apprehend my abounding review.

I additionally like my iPad Mini, but I absolutely abandoned use it for one thing: autritative music. If there's one breadth area Android absolutely and absolutely fails aback compared to iOS, it's music creation. I use things like Positive Grid's JamUp and Bias, and accept dabbled with AmpKit a little bit. Honestly, JamUp and Bias are both so abundantly able I haven't acquainted the charge to aberrate abroad from them for any reason. My primary guitar amp is crazy loud, so my iPad makes the absolute convenance amp. Also, it's abundant easier to booty on trips. I adulation it for that, and that alone.

PS – I don't acquisition iOS to be automatic in the slightest.

My Tiki is a beast, and the crammer that is consistently accessible for some gogogogogo action. It's a mive advancement from the desktop I was application this time aftermost year, with specs that aloof go for days:

I haven't yet upgraded my monitors, so I'm still application an old 22" Dell and 19" Acer (the non-matching bureaucracy drives me insane), but pefully I'll be able to do article about that soon. I may absolutely aloof go to one beyond cool high-res display, but I'm not abiding yet.

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I don't absolutely use this computer that abundant (thanks to the Tiki), but it's acutely my go-to aback abroad from me. I'm not activity to lie – I'm absolutely not a huge fan of it. I ane the 12.5-inch affectation is aloof too baby for the 1920x1080 resolution, which makes aggregate adamantine to read. Added than that, I like it aloof accomplished – it's got a Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, a 256GB SSD, and Windows 8, which is basically aggregate I could appee in a laptop. I aloof ambition the affectation were about an inch and a bisected larger. I'm acerb because autritative the about-face to a Chromebook for my abounding time laptop and accepting rid of this one, but I'm not abiding I can accomplish to that aloof yet.

I've advised so abounding speakers over the aftermost few years, so I've had the affluence of actuality cool captious about which ones I accept as my go-tos for carriageable audio. I accept two actuality because I use anniversary of them for actual altered reasons, but absolutely adulation them both.

The Sound Rise is my bedchamber apostle and anxiety clock. It wakes me circadian to the song of my allotment (or whatever I was aftermost alert to aback I balloon to set a song) which is about affable (unless I balloon to set a song, as declared in the aftermost parenthetical). It's additionally absolute for aback I aloof appee some tunes in the bedroom. I advised it here, if you're interested.

Then there's the UE BOOM. I adulation this speaker, and it aloof keeps accepting bigger through firmware and app updates. While I'm additionally a huge fan of what Fugoo is doing, the UE BOOM re-won my affection afresh with an app amend through brought a 5-band EQ. But really, if you're attractive to buy a speaker, you can't go amiss with either of the two.

Since I ignment from me, my me appointment is area I absorb the majority of my time. If you were to in and attending around, actuality is some of the actuality you'd see.

I bald a bargain TV for testing things like Chromecast, FireTV, SHIELD Portable/Tablet, and the like, and this Insignia from Best Buy fit the bill. I've had it for a while now and accept been appealing blessed with it for the best part, admitting my capital complaint is that it puts off a lot of heat, which makes my appointment appealing balmy aback testing article that requires the TV to be on for continued urs (like aback I advised FireTV, for example). It's absolutely not the best set on the market, but it does the job I charge it for, and I'd readily buy it afresh if I had to do it over.

I re-used this pto from my FireTV review. Don't acquaint anyone.

These go hand-in-hand with the above-mentioned TV. While I like all three, I accept to say that Roku has become my admired over the aftermost brace of months. I concluded up affective it to the bedchamber for backward night Netflix, but the FireTV and Chromecast are still in the of, which absolutely makes the best faculty aback they're both Android related.

Yes, I am abashed of the apparent cables. Aloof avoid them and pretend they aren't there. That's what I do.

The change of my board has been an absorbing one. It sed off with a baby white Linnmon top and Lerberg axle legs (both from Ikea), but as time went on I capital article with added amplitude and storage. I replaced the top with a beyond Linnmon top, and eventually swapped one of the legs for the Alex drawer aculator arrangement (one of the best decisions I've anytime made). Aloof aftermost anniversary I absitively to about-face the added leg for the Alex cabinet, which gives the board a added complete look, additional adds alike added storage. I'm a accurate freak, so the added alignment I have, the happier I'll be. Total amount for the bureaucracy I'm application now was still abandoned about $155, and this is apparently the best board I've anytime had.

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If there's one account in my me appointment I splurged on, it's my Varidesk Pro Plus. I've been activity amid sitting and continuing desks for the aftermost brace of years, but that appropriate me to accept two abstracted desks and about-face computers anniversary time I capital a altered position. Aback my mother-in-law swed me the sit-stand convertible Varidesk, I knew this was the band-aid I was attractive for. At $350 it's a bit pricey, but afterwards bitter the ammo and acclimation it, I'm absolutely animated I did. I use Varidesk's software for Windows to admonish me to angle every bisected ur, so I absorb absolutely bisected of my day sitting and bisected standing, which keeps me active and energized. My abandoned complaint about the Varidesk is that it doesn't appear in white.

Anyone w has apprehend any of my accessory reviews for the aftermost eight months or so has added than acceptable apparent this guitar, because I consistently booty pictures of it for the camera allocation of my reviews. Aback it has been featured so abounding times actuality on AP, I ample I'd accord the details.

First off, I accept several guitars, but this is my cardinal one. My favorite. Remember the allotment in Sweeny Todd aback Johnny Depp gets his razor back? That's me and my Tele. I adulation this guitar. It's a 2013 Fender Blacktop Telecaster, which was fabricated in Mexico. The anatomy of the guitar is [mostly] b – alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard – but its audacity accept been afflicted out. I swapped Fender's b pickups (which weren't bad, aloof not my style) for an EMG 81x/60x set – atramentous in the bridge, chrome in the neck, for a added acceptable Telecaster attending – and pulled the accent ascendancy out for a cursory killswitch. I additionally had a acquaint cut added to the anatomy and autonomous to leave the bald copse exposed, a la Jeff Beck's acclaimed chicken Tele (tugh I'm not absolutely a Beck fan). I aculate it acquainted to accepted C#/Drop B with a set of D'Addario EXL117 (11-56).

My added two electrics serve as abetting guitars, anniversary of which I abandoned use for specific things. My ESP LTD F-400FM with an EMG 81 in the arch and 89R in the close is my C/A# guitar, and my Schecter Damien Platinum 7-string is acclimated for Bead A stuff, which I basically never play.

Gear nerds feel chargeless to ask any questions about my actuality below.

The aloft guitars are all about played through this barbarian of an amp (unless it's backward and I'm practicing with the iPad), which I've had for about six months or so. Afore acrimonious it up I had to adjudge on whether I capital to get the admixture or 2x12 chiffonier with ogous 50w head, and ultimately absitively the admixture would be a bigger best acknowledgment to its congenital "power attenuator" (read: adept volume) and reverb, neither of which the arch have. The bigger account of the 5150 III admixture is that it still sounds absolutely abuse acceptable at low volumes, which is a charge aback you accept a two year old.

About two years ago, I absitively I capital to alpha cycling. I bought a tastic collapsed bar Schwinn alley bike to see if I absolutely enjoyed riding, but I hated attractive at/dealing with/being apparent on it. So for my altogether Christmas aftermost year, my wife absitively to get me article better, which is the bike you see above. This has been a absurd bike to apprentice what cycling is all about on, to get conditioned, and to advice adjudge what affectionate of addition I appee to be. I awful and readily acclaim the Sirrus band to anyone attractive to get into cycling, w may feel added adequate on a collapsed bar appearance bike, or is aloof attractive for a solid commuter.

The time is advancing aback I'll advancement to a added road-centric bike with bead bars, at which point I plan on throwing a arbor and fenders on my Sirrus and axis it into a multi-use driver bike that I'll use about boondocks and aback affairs my two year old in his bike trailer. No amount what happens, tugh, I'll never get rid of this bike. We've already been through a lot together, and I'm aloof affected like that.

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This is one of my admired backing of all time, and I use it for all sorts of stuff. It was absolutely a Valentine's Day allowance from my wife, w to this day swears it was the lamest allowance she's anytime actomed anyone. But you apperceive what? I adulation it. I not abandoned use it as a screwdriver/light drill, but with the Planet Waves Assignment Big Peg Winder attached, it's additionally the fastest, best acceptable affair in the apple for alteration guitar strings.

I actively use this affair about daily. Adulation it.

Let's allocution about software.


So aloof to get it out of the way, of advance I use Google Apps. Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Now, Books, Newsstand, etc. I'm not activity to allocution about tse, because anybody abroad uses tse too. Outside of the Gapps, wever, there are a tering of orted things I barrage every distinct day, oftentimes added than once. Here's a attending at tse.

Social stuff: Instagram and Facebook are my best acclimated amusing apps on mobile, with some Twitter, G and Pinterest bandy in on the side. Oddly enough, I use Twitter added than annihilation on the computer.

Note: You can acquisition my Twitter and Google links in the columnist bio below. Follow me on Instagram here, if you appee to.


I accept a activity that my accoutrement account is appealing agnate to aftermost year, aloof a bit smaller. Either way, actuality it is.

While I don't comedy amateur on my pne, I do accept a SHIELD Tablet, which gets acceptable use aback it comes to gaming. Actuality are some of my admired les.

So there you go – that's all (or at atomic most) of the actuality that I love. If I mentioned it in this post, there's a acceptable advenious I use it every distinct day, and I don't ane I appee to brainstorm a activity area that's not an option. If you accept any questions, ask away.

As an aside, I'm absorbed in audition what you ane about this format, as against to aftermost year's archetypal area the fo was added tech/mobile oriented.

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